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Anne's story

A daughter's perspective

Anne, one of our earliest Perx adopters, was diagnosed with a benign brainstem tumour 9 years ago requiring an urgent and complex operation. Following the procedure Anne had to spend several years in rehabilitation and was given a long-term prescription for daily medication. Emily, Anne’s daughter, has kindly shared her mother’s story with us, and it’s clear the impact of chronic conditions doesn’t just stop with the individual’s physical symptoms. Like many who have loved ones with chronic conditions, Emily regularly worries about whether her mother is successfully managing the daily complexities of her condition. In Anne’s case, simply forgetting one of her two daily dosages will result in debilitating nerve pain. Having to watch her mother struggle through the hardships of painful side effects post brain surgery, Emily has noticed a vast improvement since Anne started using Perx.

"Since using Perx, Mum hasn’t forgotten her medication and she has been able to manage her pain and get on with life. It gives me peace of mind knowing that she is taking her medication regularly."

Anne has achieved an amazing 84% adherence rate to her medication over the last two months, allowing her to better manage her pain and put more energy into day to day activities. Emily gets the peace of mind that her Mum is managing her condition and getting rewarded for doing so!

If you or someone you care about wants a better way to manage their medication and to feel rewarded for doing so download Perx on the App Store today.

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