A Daughter’s Perspective

Anne, one of our earliest Perx adopters, was diagnosed with a benign brainstem tumour 9 years ago requiring an urgent and complex operation. Following the procedure Anne had to spend several years in rehabilitation and was given a long-term prescription for daily medication. Emily, Anne’s daughter, has kindly shared her mother’s story with us, and it’s clear the impact of chronic conditions doesn’t just stop with the individual’s physical symptoms. Like many who have loved ones

A Stroke of Inspiration

This is Priya. Priya has been an early and enthusiastic adopter of Perx and she’s also one of the most inspirational people we’ve met through this journey. Two years ago, she was living her life like any other 24-year-old, pursuing her passions of photography, health and fitness. In July 2015, after a week of feeling ill, she was admitted to hospital and then to the ICU after having multiple seizures. She had experienced a stroke