What is the Perx app?
Perx is a FREE app for iPhone and Android which simplifies your daily medication routine – making it fun, easy, and rewarding. Perx recognises and rewards you as you manage your medications and form healthy habits. Our easy-to-use app helps you keep track of your medications, stick to your schedule, and gives you the opportunity to win rewards every time you take you medicine! These rewards include gift cards to your favourite stores, fitness bands to support your health and charity donations for a charity of your choice.
Why should I use the Perx app?
Because it’s awesome, but don’t listen to us (we’re probably a bit biased!), hear what some of our users are saying below or check out our reviews on the App Store - “This app has literally changed my life. What used to seem to be a chore, or something to be embarrassed about, has now become a happy part of my day. Thank you, Perx.” – Holly - “It’s awesome as I never forget my meds now and on top of that I win stuff for doing it win/win situation” – Adrian - “It’s awesome to have an app as a reminder to take your daily tablets and actually get rewarded for it” – Betul - “Perx has contributed to my HBA1C readings being the best it has been for years.” – Lindsay
What device do I need to use Perx?
Perx is available for both iPhone and Android via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.
How do I win rewards?
The Perx app lets you win rewards in lots of different ways! Every time you take your medication using the Perx app you’ll get to play a short game which gives you a chance to win a reward every time you play! If you don’t win a reward you’ll still earn some Perx Gold. But wait there’s more… if you take all your medication in any given day you’ll be eligible for a Bonus Game which give you another chance to win rewards. And that’s not all – you can also win rewards by buying a Mystery Box with all that Perx Gold you’ve been earning. Check out the Rewards tab to see what you can buy!
What are the rewards?
Our prize pool is constantly changing so that our users keep winning new and exciting rewards!
How will I get my rewards once I’ve won them?
You can redeem your rewards from within the Perx app. Once your reward has been approved, click the reward in the My Rewards’ screen to claim and get access to your voucher. Please note that approval processes and reward partner delays may take 2 to 3 days from earning a reward to being able to use it.
What is Perx Gold and how can I use it?
Perx Gold is like frequent flyer points but for your health! The better you stick to your medication the more you’ll earn. It’s now possible to exchange your Perx Gold for Mystery Boxes which enables you to win a variety of rewards as well as unlock new features and become eligible for new rewards! Check out the Rewards tab to see what you can buy! Don’t have enough Perx Gold to buy a Mystery Box? Keep sticking with your medication and using the Perx app and you’ll be earning plenty in no time. Even better the higher your monthly adherence (how well you stick to your schedule) the quicker you’ll earn Perx Gold, and the sooner you’ll be cashing it in for new features and rewards.
When do I need to take my medication to earn rewards?
We let you set up your desired medication schedule so that it suits you. Then, we give you an hour either side of your nominated medication time to use the Perx app to take your medication. So, if you have scheduled 9am medication you can take it from 8am to 10am and still be able to earn rewards!
What happens if I forget my medication or remember it but forget to use Perx?
Don’t worry – you still have a chance to win a reward today even if you’ve passed the time your medication was due. Go into the Perx app and report whether you took your medication if you record this for every medication in the day you’ll still get the chance to play the Bonus Game. Be honest with this as you’ll get to play the game even if you report that you forgot, also if you report honestly it will help you realise the times you often forget and improve for next time. This is important for your health, but also to make sure you maximise your rewards on the Perx app.
Why do you want to send me notifications?
Med Alarms are handy notifications each time you have medication due. To activate these, we need you to give us permission to push you notifications. We promise they’ll be friendly reminders and not pestering annoyances! They will also make sure you don’t forget medication when you need to take it and remind you that every medication you take on time is another chance to win rewards with Perx.
Why aren’t I receiving Med Alarms from Perx?
You may need to turn notifications for Perx on in your phone's settings. Simply go to Settings on your home screen, then to Notifications, and then find Perx in your list of apps. Tap on Perx and switch “Allow Notifications” on. If this is already on and you’re still not receiving notifications please contact Perx Support at support@perxhealth.com
Why am I getting so many notifications?
Because we care about you very much! If you haven’t recorded that you have taken your medication with Perx we send you a follow up Med Alarm half an hour after it was due, just to make sure you take your medication, and don’t miss the chance to in rewards. If you would like to prevent this second follow up Med Alarm you can turn it off in the Perx app by selecting More from the tab bar at the bottom of the screen and then selecting “Notification Settings” from the menu. Then turn “Medication Reminder” to off – don’t worry this won’t get rid of the Med Alarm at the time medication is due, just the second follow up.
Why do you need access to my camera?
You may be asked to snap a quick photo of the medication in your hand so that we know you’ve taken it. This ensures that when we give you rewards we know you really have earned them! This needs access to your camera; however, no images will be stored on your phone and are stored securely in our server so we can verify that you took your medication before delivering rewards.
What if instead of taking a photo of my medication I take a photo of my empty hand, the floor, or my pet cat?
We review all photos that users submit and will be unable to send you a prize if your photo doesn’t include your medication. It would be disappointing if you missed a grand prize just because Mr. Bigglesworth did a cute pose at the time you were supposed to be snapping your medication. So we promise if you keep the camera focused on your medication you’ll be eligible for rewards.