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Our People

Meet the team pioneering a motivational health community

Our Founders


CEO, Co-Founder

Scott is driven by a desire to take his academic interest in behavioral economics and apply it in the real world to motivate better health habits and improve outcomes for people living with chronic disease. He is excited about how the personalization of healthcare can empower and engage individuals in unprecedented ways. Scott is a former private equity investor in consumer, industrial and technology companies, where he gained a practical appreciation for the power of incentives in driving behavior.


CEO, Co-Founder

Hugo is passionate about taking the best tactics from other consumer industries to help the health system engage and motivate the people in their care. He believes that technology has the exciting potential to disrupt traditional power dynamics, rebuild care models and make the complex seem simple. Hugo is a former consultant at McKinsey & Co where he advised leading retail, financial services and electronic gaming companies in Australia and Asia on consumer engagement, loyalty and promotions.

Our Team

Perx Health is pioneering a motivational health community for everyone.

We are using leading edge behavioral science, consumer tactics and technology to help and motivate people living with chronic conditions to stick to their treatment plans. Importantly, Perx has already helped thousands of patients increase their engagement, improve their adherence and see better health outcomes. We want a future where managing a chronic condition is simple, exciting and rewarding.

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Our Health Advisory Board

Will Delaat


Will was the Managing Director of MSD in Australia and then became Chair of Medicines Australia, the Pharmaceutical industry organization. Will joined Perx after seeing too many patients miss out on the benefits of leading therapies and wanting to see how a more positive way might drive outcomes for all.

Bruce Robinson


Bruce is Chair of the Federal review of Medical Benefits in Australia and former Chair of the National Health and Medical Research Council. As a practicing Endocrinologist he is passionate about the effective and safe use of medicines. As a leading thinker in public health, he is always on the look out for innovative ways to achieve better outcomes, lower costs and a great patient experience.

Shaun Larkin


Shaun led Australia's largest not-for-profit health insurer for the best part of a decade. Shaun is a leading thinker on the role of insurers in managing chronic diseases and a published researcher on chronic disease management program effectiveness. He realizes that healthcare innovation needs to blend both technological breakthroughs with new commercial models like outcome-based pricing and patient-directed care.