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Priya's story

A stroke of inspiration

This is Priya. Priya has been an early and enthusiastic adopter of Perx and she’s also one of the most inspirational people we’ve met through this journey.

Three years ago, she was living her life like any other 24-year-old, pursuing her passions of photography, health and fitness.

In July 2015, after a week of feeling ill, she was admitted to hospital and then to the ICU after having multiple seizures. She had experienced a stroke and haemorrhage caused by multiple blood clots in her brain. Over the next three weeks they found further blood clots in her legs and lungs. Fortunate to have some great doctors, nurses and neurosurgeons, Priya’s fitness and fighting spirit saw her survive.

After spending 5 weeks in hospital she was discharged with a fierce determination to get back her life back. In a recovery full of ups and down she’s chosen to focus on the positive. In July last year, she was given clearance by her doctor to get back in the gym and ever since has embodied her daily mantra of ‘Wake Up. Kick Ass. Repeat’. She has since run over 200km in a month and raised almost $1400 for the Stroke Foundation. She also writes about her experience in her blog which is well worth a read – check it out!

Since she started using the Perx app, Priya has continued to take control of her health. Her adherence rate is 98% which is truly exceptional! She’s been rewarded with numerous movie tickets, fuel vouchers and donations to charity. In Priya’s own words:

I never had to take medication before the stroke, so of course I used to forget at times. Perx has been great in keeping me in check and the rewards that you can win are a wonderful motivation. Without Perx, I wouldn’t remember to take my medication half the time!

Congratulations Priya – you’re an inspiration to us all and we’re very proud to have you as part of the Perx family. Keep on kicking ass!

If you or someone you care about wants a better way to manage their medication and to feel rewarded for doing so download Perx on the App Store today.

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