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Behavioral science for better health

Perx Health is the chronic condition management program that works for everyone. Use our proven program to develop better habits and a lifetime of better health.

“This App is the cornerstone to my whole medical regime.

My meds, appointments, my exercise regime, my examination results are here. I now manage my health much better than I did before and I’m still finding new features that add to the way I live a healthier life”

Robin, 65
All your health in one place

One program for any condition. High motivation for proven results.

More than 50% of people living with a chronic condition are managing multiple conditions. Single-focus, condition-specific programs are no longer good enough. Perx can motivate every daily health task across any condition through a single easy-to-use program.

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Your cheerleader for chronic conditions

Motivation that delivers real results

Most chronic condition programs fail because at the end of the day they're simply not engaging or motivating enough to form habits. Perx uses a proprietary motivation system to ensure no patient ever feels unmotivated or left behind.

Hear why members love Perx

It's awesome. I have been using this app approx 5-6 months. I continue to use it every day. I must admit that it is the most frequent app I use on my phone.

David, 50
Return on investment for health payers
Reduction in HbA1c over 12 months
Medication adherence over 12 months
Evidence-based outcomes delivering real impact

Gold-standard clinical research in delivering real health outcomes

Most digital health apps and programs are untested and lack any real clinical evidence. Perx has multiple peer-reviewed studies from leading research organizations like the University of Sydney. Our program is scientifically proven to improve long-term health habits and deliver real health outcomes.

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Next-generation clinical insight

Unprecedented engagement means unparalleled insight

Remote patient monitoring doesn't work without engaged patients. Perx is the remote patient monitoring solution patients use proactively 3-4 times per day delivering unparalleled insight into behavior outside the clinical setting.

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Population Health Insight
Remote Patient Monitoring
Telehealth Coaching

You’re in safe hands with Perx

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Privacy First
Privacy First
Perx adheres to strict privacy principles - over and above what is required and expected of us by regulators and our customers. Most importantly, we do not give, sell, rent, loan or otherwise monetize your health information to third parties.
HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
Perx takes privacy and security obligations seriously and we follow physical, network and process security measures to ensure the protection of health information.
Data Security
Data Security
Your data is stored securely behind locked cages, onsite security and biometric access. We keep your health information in your home country as part of best-practice data sovereignty.
Encrypted End-to-end
Encrypted End-to-end
From the moment you land on our site or access our app, all your communications and data are encrypted.
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